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Edward's nEXT300D

Artikelnummer: B82200100 B82200200 B82200101 B82200201
Inlet flange
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Edward's nEXT300D


The nEXT300D is a hybrid-bearing compound turbomolecular pump. nEXT pumps combine our proven bearing technology (oil-lubricated ceramic lower bearing with dry permanent magnetic upper bearing), an improved rotor design with a new molecular drag stage to deliver improved pumping speed and compression ratios, and user serviceability. They feature 24 V to 48 V d.c. sensorless motors with a built-in drive that is fully compatible with our range of TAG and TIC controllers. They are available pre-set for either 80 W or 160 W maximum power, the former enabling use with our 100 W TIC controllers is also recommended for pumping Argon, but with a longer ramp time to full operating speed.

A basic pumping system includes a nEXT300D pump, a TAG or TIC controller, an air or water cooler, or a suitable backing pump.

Technical specifications

Edward's nEXT300D

nEXT300D turbomolecular pump

Inlet flange DN100ISO-K, DN100CF
Outlet flange DN25KF
Pumping speed
N 2 300 l/s
He 340 l/s
H2 280 l/s
compression ratio (D/T)
N 2 >1 × 10 11
He 1x10 6
H2 5x10 4
Ultimate vacuum with RV backing pump ISO/CF <6 x 10 -8 /<5 x 10 -10 mbar


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