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Edward's nXR30i

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Edward's nXR30i


Edwards nXR30i is Dry Running Multi-Stage Roots Pump
  • The Edwards nXRi dry pump was designed with size in mind. Thanks to her compact footprint and low height it fits easily under a work surface and thus saves valuable space in your laboratory.
  • Weighing less than 30 kg, this vacuum pump is extremely mobile and designed for different work processes and environments.
  • In addition, the nXRi's 40% smaller footprint compared to other dry pumps ensures seamless integration into analyzers and vacuum systems for an out-of-the-box vacuum solution.
All pumps are certified by external testing institutes according to UL and CSA standards. Druschke GmbH is a sales and service partner of Edwards Vacuum GmbH and can therefore offer customer service for product applications, spare parts and service.

Technical specifications

Edward's nXR30i

NW25,100-127/200-240V, 50/60Hz

Pumping speed (peak) 30 m3/hr
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure) 0.02mbar (0.015torr)
high vacuum flange NW25
outlet flange NW25
Maximum allowable outlet pressure 0.2 bar measured


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