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Leak detector HLD 5000

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HLD 5000

The HLD5000 is intended for use in the production of air conditioning systems to ensure product quality and minimize warranty costs. The HLD5000 Refrigerant Leak Detector uses innovative technology for fast and reliable leak detection with significantly fewer false alarms. Its newly developed IR sensor ensures a significantly longer service life. Thanks to its patent-pending double gas inlet, signals caused by other gases in the ambient air are reliably suppressed. The instrument reduces operating costs not only due to the extended lifetime of the sensor but also of all other mechanical and electronic components. Also, the amount of expensive consumables has been reduced.

A selection of probes for different gases is available. The HLD5000 can also be used with the new Smart probe.



  • Fast and easy handling
  • Low running costs
  • Outstanding stability
  • Durable for longer life
  • Easy programming
  • Versions for many different coolants
  • Automatic standby function
  • Integrated calibrated leak
  • Easy to transport and install