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Leak detector HLD 6000

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HLD 6000

With the HLD6000 refrigerant leak detector, INFICON is taking another step towards leak testing at the highest level. It sets new standards, especially with its user-friendly handling, the reproducibility of the measurement results and the simple integration into local networks.

The newly developed, narrow, and ergonomically designed sniffer probe enables greater efficiency in leak testing. With its intuitive touchscreen, the HLD6000 is even easier to use than the previous model, the HLD5000. Versatility in data transmission is another advantage of the HLD6000 leak detector. In addition to a USB interface, an optional I/O module and an optional fieldbus module are available for recording and using the measurement data and for integration into local networks.



  • Particularly slim and ergonomically designed sniffer probe with status display and LED lamps
  • Intuitive touchscreen with leak rate graph
  • USB interface for storing measurement data and for software updates
  • HLD6000 components (probes, base units, consumables, and accessories) are compatible with and interchangeable with the previous model, the HLD5000 Refrigerant Leak Detector.
  • Newly developed COOL-Check holder for easy replacement of internal test leaks
  • Individual sniffer probes for CO22 and R600a/R290 and a universal smart sniffer probe for halogenated refrigerants are available

  • Optional I/O module and optional fieldbus module facilitate integration into local networks
  • ES filters for the successful adsorption of interfering substances such as alcohols, adhesives, outgassing foams, and more



    A compact sniffer probe is particularly important for optimal efficient leak detection. The HLD6000 sniffer probe is not only very narrow but also light and ergonomically designed. Two LED lights in the sniffer tip facilitate leak detection in poorly lit inspection locations, enabling precise leak location and flashing to warn the operator when the allowable leak rate is exceeded. A colored LED status light continuously informs the operator about operational readiness, the measurement process, exceeding the permissible leak rate, and about errors and warning states.


    INFICON's new human-machine interface features intuitive menu navigation that greatly simplifies the operation of the leak detector. The leak rate trend graphically displays any leaks on the easy-to-read front panel, making leak detection even more efficient.


    With the help of the optional I/O module, the HLD6000 offers a variety of analog and digital interfaces. An optional fieldbus module facilitates the integration of the HLD6000 into local networks. Measurement data can be transferred to a connected USB flash drive via the USB interface.


    Specially designed for the detection of refrigerants, the HLD6000 uses a long-life infrared sensor with high sensitivity and extremely fast response time. In addition, the HLD6000 features a proven dual-channel inlet system that continuously compares background concentration and measured gas flow, reducing false alarms to a minimum.

Typical applications

  • Air conditioners
  • Air conditioning systems in automobiles
  • Components for air conditioning and refrigeration technology
  • And similar products