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Leybold DIP 8,000

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Leybold DIP 8,000

The pumps of the DIP series are high vacuum pumps (<10 -2 mbar). They are always operated together with backing pumps. The pumps of the DIP series are water-cooled and work according to the functional principle of oil diffusion. They are used in high-vacuum technology for pumping out vacuum containers. They achieve their highest suction power in the pressure range from 10 -2 to 10 -7 mbar.

The DIP series diffusion pumps consist of the following assemblies:

  • Water-cooled pump housing with high-vacuum and fore-vacuum connection flange
  • nozzle stick
  • Boiler with heater
  • Nozzle Hat Vapor Barrier
  • fore-vacuum baffle
  • Energy efficiency control or electrical terminal box

Technical specifications

Leybold DIP 8,000

Connection flange pressure side: DN 63 ISO K
Connection flange suction side: DN 400 ISO F
Pumping speed (N₂): 8000l/s
final total pressure: < 5 x 10 -7 mbar
heating capacity 4.8kW


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