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Leybold RUVAC WH700

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Leybold RUVAC WH700

The ideal partner for more performance and throughput...

With the RUVAC WH you make your process more reliable and cost-efficient
In combination with dry-compressing vacuum pumps from the DRYVAC, SCREWLINE, LEYVAC series or with the oil-sealed vacuum pumps from the SOGEVAC series, our RUVAC WH Roots pumps achieve high pumping speeds with the required final pressure and a high level of safety.

Benefits for the user

  • Low investment costs
    through direct adaptation to our backing pump series

  • Very good value for money
    by increasing pumping speed using a frequency converter

  • Low running costs
    through energy-saving drive in combination with frequency converter

  • Low follow-up costs
    due to the elimination of the shaft seal and four years of service freedom

  • High operational reliability

    • Complete pump protection via motor concept and coordinated frequency converter

    • Hermetic tightness and therefore suitable for pumping toxic and corrosive gases

  • Fast pump down time
    by using the patented detour line on WHU models

  • process adjustment
    and control integration by using the frequency converter

  • Optimal system integration
    due to the reduced installation space

  • Environmentally friendly
    through a significant reduction in noise and heat emissions


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