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Leybold RUVAC WSU 1001

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Leybold RUVAC WSU 1001

Benefits for the user

- Two air-cooled WS/WSU series, each with four sizes

- Very tight, air-cooled pumps driven by an air-cooled canned motor

- Lubricated with mineral oil (alternatively with LVO 400)

- Motor stator winding with thermal switch

- All elastomer seals made of FPM/Viton

- Integrated pressure compensation line with pressure differential valve prevents overload (optional)

- The RUVAC WS 251 to 2001 can operate between 20 and 100 Hz with a frequency around be operated properly

- No shaft passage into the atmosphere, therefore particularly tight

- Conversion from vertical to horizontal conveying direction can be carried out by the customer

Technical specifications

Leybold RUVAC WSU 1001

Connection flange: DN 100 PN6
Speed ​​(50/60 Hz): 3000 / 3600 rpm
Maximum allowable pressure difference: 80 mbar
Nominal pumping speed (50 Hz): 1000m3h- 1


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