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Leybold SCROLLVAC 18 plus

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Leybold SCROLLVAC 18 plus


Vacuum redefined - SCROLLVAC plus, the new dry-compressing scroll pump from Leybold.

The SCROLLVAC plus family is the latest addition to our dry vacuum pump portfolio. As a flexible, robust, and simple vacuum solution, the SCROLLVAC plus shows the true potential of innovative scroll pump technology.

The pump principle

A scroll pump consists of two spirals that mesh with each other at an angle of 180o. The eccentrically mounted scroll moves in a circular path around the fixed scroll. The interlocking movement of the spirals forms continuous, crescent-shaped cavities that move from the outside in, promoting the gas. The gas entering the pump through the inlet is compressed by the moving scroll and conveyed to the center of the fixed scroll. It escapes through the outlet port near the center of the fixed scroll.

Druschke GmbH is a sales and service partner of Leybold Vacuum GmbH and can therefore offer customer service for product applications, spare parts, and service.

Technical specifications

Leybold SCROLLVAC 18 plus

outlet flange  DN 25 ISO-KF
inlet flange  DN 25 ISO-KF
Ultimate pressure with closed gas ballast  0.03 mbar
Max pumping speed  20m3 /h

    Special Use

    C models for the toughest conditions.

    The SCROLLVAC C plus was specially developed for aggressive applications. By using purge gas, the SCROLLVAC C plus can be configured to process corrosive solvents and chemicals without any problems.

    • Chemical-resistant exhaust shutoff valve and gas ballast valve
    • Stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges
    • Conversion kits with which standard models can also be retrofitted by users


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