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Leybold SOGEVAC NEO D 16

Artikelnummer: 970100V 970101V 970102V 970102A22
with overload protection
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The new generation of SOGEVAC vacuum pumps. Optimized in three key areas: This vacuum technology is clean, quiet and durable .

Whether in the research laboratory or on the factory floor, attention must be paid to health and safety everywhere, but also to efficient processes. Choosing the right components is all the more important when processes require continuous vacuum. With reliable, high-performance, low-emission and quiet-running vacuum technology, not only does the job get done, but the working environment benefits from more quietness, increasing general well-being. The result: employee productivity and precision in demanding work improve significantly.
Especially with these challenges, the new SOGEVAC NEO D rotary vane pump offers a number of advantages. Best of all, it's cleaner, quieter and virtually maintenance-free.

All good things come in threes.

1. Quieter thanks to intelligent design
Our designers and engineers have done everything to improve the acoustic properties of the rotary vane pump. And they have achieved their goal, because the SOGEVAC NEO D sets new standards in terms of perceived noise level and sound quality.
    • 54 dB(A) for SOGEVAC NEO D 16 & 25
2. Clean technology
The SOGEVAC NEO D is equipped with a high-quality exhaust filter. Thanks to the integrated filtration, the construction volume of the pump could be reduced and oil loss minimised. This keeps the environment clean and free of oil mist when pumping out. The result? Up to 100 times less oil loss compared to pumps without an exhaust filter! This innovative design also makes the SOGEVAC NEO D particularly compact.
3. Longer runtime - maintenance-free for up to three years
With its state-of-the-art shaft seal technology developed exclusively for Leybold and long-life oils, the SOGEVAC NEO D is designed for maximum uptime. With this new generation of vacuum pumps, maintenance-free operation of up to three years is possible in clean applications, according to the motto "install and forget". Experience a whole new dimension of performance and comfort.

Druschke GmbH is a sales and service partner of Leybold Vauum GmbH and can therefore offer customer service for product applications, spare parts and service.

Technical specifications


Connection flange: DN 25 ISO-KF
Effective pumping speed: 16 / 19 m3 /h
Final pressure with gas ballast: < 1 x 10 -1 mbar
Final pressure without gas ballast: < 8 x 10 -3 mbar
Frequency: 50/60Hz


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