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Edwards offers a line of new oils in Ultragrade® 15, 19, 20 and 70 grades that are manufactured using a new process. Most manufacturers use a solvent refining process. However, these oils are refined with water through a unique process. This process removes nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen and aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base virtually free of impurities.
In conjunction with additives, the Ultragrade® oils enable improved thermal performance, thermal and oxidation stability and rust inhibition. The antioxidants in the oils allow the pump to withstand high operating temperatures without degrading the oil, thereby extending the interval between oil changes.

Application examples
    • mass spectrometry
    • electron microscopes
    • thin film sputtering
    • surface physics
    • UHV systems
    • leak detection
    • TV tubes
    • power valves
    • distillation
    • space research
    • furnaces
    • electron beam welding
    • impregnation
    • metallization
    • packagings
    • metallizing

Technical specifications

Vapor pressure (mbar):
20°C 1x10-8
100ºC 1.0 x 10 -3
molecular weight 420
Specific gravity at 15 °C 0.86
Viscosity cSt:
at 20 °C 143.7
at 40 °C 48.6
pour point °C -16
Flash point °C 225
Auto-ignition point °C 355
Sulfur content % mass/mass 0