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Use of VAC-LUBE silicone oils
VAC-LUBE silicone oils have been developed for use in diffusion pumps.
VAC-LUBE Diffusion Pump Oil is the first propellant tested to pass the application test in various types of diffusion pumps. Furthermore, it was used in various industrial applications.
VAC-LUBE silicone oils can be used universally for all diffusion pumps.
The excellent properties that distinguish the VAC-LUBE silicone oil series are just one of the reasons why it is used as a replacement oil for DC 704 and DC 705 in diffusion pumps.
Universally applicable +
The VAC-LUBE silicone oils are universally usable propellants for diffusion pumps. Regardless of the manufacturer, they can be used for any diffusion pump.
Due to the first-class chemical properties, the VAC-LUBE silicone oils have a very long service life.
ultimate vacuum +
Thanks to the very low vapor pressure of VAC-LUBE silicone oils, an ultimate vacuum of up to 10-7 mbar can be achieved. Values ​​of up to 10-9 mbar can be achieved with special ultra-high vacuum technology and using a liquid nitrogen baffle.
Chemically inert, oxidation and heat resistance +
The complex chemical structure of the VAC-LUBE silicone oils for diffusion pumps results in a very high resistance to oxidation, which leads to a very low water absorption at operating temperature. The complex structure of the oil causes the chemical stability of the oils and ensures an above-average oil life. VAC-LUBE silicone oils do not react with gases, metals or elastomer seals commonly used in vacuum applications. The excellent heat resistance of the VAC-LUBE silicone oils also prevents the oils from cracking. This allows longer oil intervals and minimizes costs.
surface tension +
VAC-LUBE silicone oils for diffusion pumps have a very high surface tension, which prevents back-diffusion (creeping of the oil film into the vacuum system).