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Edward's E2M18

Artikelnummer: A36317984 A36315904
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Edward's E2M18

Two-stage rotary vane pump


Known for their high ultimate vacuum, high suction capacity, quiet operation and good vapor tolerance, the EM Series direct drive rotary vane pumps have become the industry standard for light industrial and laboratory applications.
The E1M18 and E2M18 pumps are direct drive rotary vane pumps. The pumps are oil sealed and designed for reliable continuous operation. As a standing device, it is driven via a flexible coupling either by a single-phase or a three-phase (four-pole) motor.

Supplied with: Ultragrade 19 oil, DN25KF outlet flanges (instead of the nozzle supplied as standard on hydrocarbon pumps).

Fomblin® must be purchased separately for PFPE pumps.

Technical specifications

Edward's E2M18

Two-stage rotary vane pump

Nominal pumping speed (50 Hz) 20.5m3h - 1
Nominal pumping speed (60 Hz) 25.0m3h - 1
Ultimate vacuum without gas purge (total pressure) 3 x 10 -2 mbar
inlet port DN25KF
outlet port Nozzle with 15 mm outside diameter, unscrewable from 3/4" BSP pipe thread
Motor power 50 Hz 0.55kW
Motor power 60 Hz 0.75kW
weight 37kg
Sound pressure level at 50 Hz 57dB(A)


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