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Leybold VARODRY VD 100

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Purge gas module
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High efficiency in vacuum

The new VARODRY vacuum pump series was developed by Leybold in Germany specifically for use in industrial applications and is also produced there. Experience the new vacuum! The VARODRY vacuum is simple, efficient, reliable, and dry.
  • Efficient pump performance
The VARODRY rotor design was designed for high efficiency.
  • pumping speed
The VARODRY delivers a competitive pumping speed across the entire pressure range and an excellent ultimate pressure of < 0.01 mbar. It can be operated continuously at any inlet pressure.
  • Pump downtime (100 l chamber)
The VARODRY offers rapid evacuation down to the 10-2 mbar range.
  • energy efficiency class
The ratio of the effective pumping speed to the actual energy consumption.

Druschke GmbH is a sales and service partner of Leybold Vacuum GmbH and can
therefore offer customer service for product applications, spare parts, and service.

Technical specifications


Final pressure with gas ballast <0.1 mbar
Final pressure without gas ballast <0.01 mbar
Max. allowable outlet pressure (relative to ambient pressure) 200 mbar
Max. allowable inlet pressure 1050 mbar
pumping speed  100 m3/h


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